Welcome to Logan. The Gateway to Ohio's Scenic wonderland. Travelers seeking a little piece and quiet, and the freedom to roam the wilderness, look no further. Nestled deep in the woods of Hocking County lies a small town with the population of 7,436 friendly faces. Established  by Thomas Worthington, Hocking County was formed on January, 3, 1818.

Logan, Ohio is surrounded by many well know and beautiful places. Burr Oak, Wayne National Forest, Hocking Hills and The Buckeye Trail, just to name a few. Logan is a great place to start or end your journey  into the heartland of Southern Ohio.

 Native American Indians that reside in these hills say that the waters take shape of a bottle, when flowing through the valley's river. Hence the word "Hocking", It's originality comes from the Delaware language, "Hock- hock-ing," which means "Bottle River".

Local events are what keep small towns like Logan, a close knit community. Become a part of the organized hikes, held year round in rain or shine. Take a stroll down memory lane, as you review all the original classic homes that first founded this magnificent town. Walking Tour


ake Logan is one of the best fishing area's in Ohio, fully stocked with fish, such as, catfish, bluegill, crappie, and bass. The massive Lake Logan was developed on a stretch of 318 acres of land, and 400 acres of water.

Coast into the cooling waters on a sail boat and wilt into the sun, or have lunch  under the shade of  one of the many  gigantic oak tree's surrounding the lake as you are lost into a scenic wonderland.

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Surrounding the area are fabulous eateries, dinners, romantic restaurants and casual atmosphere's. "Jack's Steakhouse," is a long standing favorite, with a wide variety of sandwiches, pastas, and one of the finest steaks in the hills.  "The Olde Dutch Restaurant," Amish family style feature roasted chicken, fresh baked pies, and bread, served with a smile.  "L.J.'s Coffee Shop and Restaurant," has a varied menu to please everyone, from salads, fish, chicken, and soups. These are only a few of the many restaurants in the Hills. Dine out

ogan is home to some of the best quality hand made crafts in the surrounding counties. Local residents take pride in displaying hand made art. From a woven hand crafted basket, Native jewelry, or to a jar of homemade jam, Take home a souvenir to remind you of the precious memories you have made here. Shopping

Hocking Hills features six different natural parks in the Logan vicinity, such as, Old Man's Cave, Ash Cave, Cedar Falls, Rock House, and many more places to visit.

A scenic destination for many campers and nature enthusiast, from primitive living to elegant and old style cabins. Make Hocking Hills your destination for that romantic evening or a family get together.

There are many outdoor activities that are fun and eventful. The Hocking Hills Canoe Livery is a local and renter for canoe's, Kayak, and rafts. Sending happy faces down the river for years. From miniature golf, Wild Wilderness Raceway, Old Bear Photography center, and Brass Ring Golf Club, there is sure to be an activity to please everyone. Activities

Logan is well known for it's clay factory which was established  in 1890. As you journey through out our pages you'll find examples of some of the clay products Manufactured in Logan. When you come to visit our scenic wonderland you'll be amazed at the many uses of the clay materials, mined locally from our area.


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